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Wisdom Dancer

autopoietic shifting perspective ... armed with knowledge bombs

I'm an underground philosopher, writer, artistic dilettante and creative dissident with wide variety of interests, most especially all things Promethean. I'm model agnostic like Robert Anton Wilson, a philosopher of the future in the wake of Nietzsche, and a gadfly following the example of Socrates, likewise quite ignorant in cosmic terms. I have published a volume of collected work entitled Rising in Words, including an exclusive essay, Rising in Walls:

My other writing projects include The Promethean Trilogy, Self-Expression, Promethean Capitalism, Fighting Future War, Critiques of Democracy, and many others. I am currently writing an epic novel of ideas called Pyramid of Babel.
1984, acid reflux, aesthetics, aghast view, akira kurosawa, amorality, anarchism, and one, anthropology, apple, archaeology, art, artificial intelligence, astronomy, austrian school, battlestar galactica, beer, brave new world, butler shaffer, capitalism, cevin key, chaos theory, civilization, classic movies, classical languages, clubbing, complexity, computers, cooking, cosmopolitanism, covenant, creativity, cybernetics, cyberpunk, dancing, daniel dennett, das ich, depression, design, dissent, download, dreamcast, dreams, dystopias, economics, einstürzende neubauten, electronic music, emergent properties, evolution, fahrenheit 451, fantasy, free market capitalism, freedom, friedrich nietzsche, front 242, front line assembly, game design, george orwell, graphic design, gridlock, halo, halo_gen, haujobb, hedonism, hiking, history, house md, human potential, humanism, imagination, index, individual freedom, individualism, individuality, industrial music, iron chef, japanese culture, john keegan, joseph campbell, josé ortega y gasset, juno reactor, kabuki, klinik, leaether strip, libertarianism, macintosh, military history, mind.in.a.box, minimalism, movies, mst3k, multimedia, murray rothbard, museums, music, mythology, nature, ncc, ninja gaiden, numb, orson welles, personal development, personal freedom, personality theory, perspectivism, philosophy, poetry, polyamory, polyfidelity, pornography, project pitchfork, promethean movement, prometheanism, prometheus, psychiatry, psychology, psychopaths, ray bradbury, reading, robert anton wilson, roleplaying games, science fiction, seabound, severed heads, sex, sexuality, skinny puppy, skylash, social thought, sociology, spontaneous order, storytelling, strategy, subjectivism, systems theory, tea, traveling, usagi yojimbo, utopias, v for vendetta, velvet acid christ, video games, war, web design, wilfred owen, william gibson, writing, wumpscut, x marks the pedwalk, xbox